Premium Specialty Pizza 

King Arthur Supreme
Montaqgue's all meat marvel
Guinvere's Garden Delight
Maui Zaui
BBQ Beef & Bacon
BBQ Chicken Pizza
Chicken & Garlic Courmet
Gourmet Veggie
Italian Garlic Supreme
Wombo Combo
Smokehouse Combo
Traditional Hawaiian

*Pizza names listed are registered trademarks and owned by Roundtable Pizza. They are listed here on Company Cater's website with Roundtable's permission!!! Discounts, promotions, and coupons  DO NOT apply.


Premium Pizza Option:  
Per Person: $13.00+tax     $11.00 (NonProfit)
1 Pizza option+side salad

* Add Water = $1.00
*Additional Pizza Slice = $3.50
*Additional Side(s) = $2.00
 Add Chips = $0.75
*Add Dessert(ie) = $2.75
*Add Cookie or Brownie = $ 0.75

minimum order of 15 or more please

*Option 2:
(must choose from EACH section)

Choose Your Pizza: and number of Pies
Small   $22.00+tax
Medium $29.00+tax
Large $35.00+tax
Extra Large: $37.00+tax

Add a Side: $4.00 per person

Add a Dessert:
Cookies $1.50
(2)Brownies $1.50
Slice of cheese cake $5.00 (6 slices minimum)
or Whole Cheese Cake (16 slices) for only $50.00

Add a Drink!!!
Water: $1.00
: $2.00 + tax + soda tax

* minimum $150.00 per order form 


Potato Salad
House Salad
Caesar Salad
Spinach Salad
Macaroni Salad
Baked Beans
Chili w/ Beans

Feel free to mix and match sides from our other menus!!!

 Prices are subject to change without notice
All  HOT food, server served, and carbonated drinks are subject to SALES TAX 

* Non Profit entities/organizations, must provide 501C3 proof and sales tax exemption to qualify


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