Reveuelta con Frijoles 
Tender Pork, Black Beans & Cheese 
Crisp & Tender Fried Pork & Cheese

Chicharron - Crisp Tender Pork

Queso Y Vegetables
Cheese, Zucchini, Tomato, Onion, & Bell Peppe

Queso y Ayote
Cheese, and Zucchini,

Queso Y Loroco
Cheese & Salvadoran Flower (vegetarian)

Queso y Frijoles
House Black Beans & Cheese (vegetarian)

Frijole Negro
Homemade Black Beans (gluten free)

Queso- Mozarella & Jack Cheese

Queso Con Pollo -(chicken)

Side(s) Options

Option 1:Plantains w/ Beans & Cream
Option 2:Small Avocado Salad
Option 3:Side of Plantains w. cream
Option 4:Traditional chicken tamale
Option 5:Steamed corn tamale

Option 6:
Plantain &Cream &Chicken tamale

Option 7: 
Plantain & Cream & Corn Tamale

Option 8:
Plantain & cream & small avocado salad

Salvadorian Option: 

Non Profit                   Pricing
  $ 12.00                   $14.00 + tax

Choose 2 papusas and any 1 side (option 1-5 ONLY) 


Choose 1 papusa and any 1 side
(option 6-8 ONLY)

Additional (1) Papusa  =  $5.00 
Additional Side dish:    =   $5.00

Meal option includes: 
Curtido and Salvadorian Salsa 

*Add Water                         $ 1.00
*Add Cookie or Brownie       $ 1.50

*Add Dessert (ie:cake, pie)  $ 4.00

minimum order of 15 or more please


Entree Item(s)-per person
*Chile Relleno(Vegetarian)
*Tamales(Chicken, Pork or Cheese)
*Fajitas(Beef, Chicken, Veggie or Shrimp-add $1.99 + tax per person)
*Street Soft Tacos(onions+ cilantro+ lime)
*Tacos Dorados

*Mexican Meal Option: 

Non-Profit                  Pricing
                     $14.00 + tax  
Choose 1 Entree from above
 rice+beans+chips and salsa
(NOTE: All dishes with Shrimp will be charged an additional $1.99 per person)

*Add Water                             $1.00
*Add Cookie or Brownie        $ 1.50
*Add Guacamole                         $ 0.75
*Add Cheese                              $ 0.75
*Add Sour cream                       $0.75
*Additional Item(s)               $ 5.00
*Add Dessert (ie:cake, pie)    $ 4.00 

minimum order of 15 or more please

VEGAN??? Please request WHOLE pinto beans!!! 

Refried beans are cooked in lard 

Specialty Meals
Super Burrito                       $12.00+tax
(Chicken, Beef, Pork, or Vegetarian)  

 Torta Sandwich                    $12.00+tax

~ALL Specialty Meals includes tortilla chips, and salsa

*Add Water                           $ 1.00
*Add Cookie or Brownie         $ 1.50

*Add Dessert (ie:cake, pie)    $ 4.00


 Prices are subject to change without notice
All  HOT food, server served, and carbonated drinks are subject to SALES TAX 

* Non Profit entities/organizations, must provide 501C3 proof and sales tax exemption to qualify  

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