Reveuelta con Frijoles 
Tender Pork, Black Beans & Cheese 
Crisp & Tender Fried Pork & Cheese

Chicharron - Crisp Tender Pork

Queso Y Vegetables
Cheese, Zucchini, Tomato, Onion, & Bell Peppe

Queso y Ayote
Cheese, and Zucchini,

Queso Y Loroco
Cheese & Salvadoran Flower (vegetarian)

Queso y Frijoles
House Black Beans & Cheese (vegetarian)

Frijole Negro
Homemade Black Beans (gluten free)

Queso- Mozarella & Jack Cheese

Queso Con Pollo -(chicken)

Side(s) Options

Option 1:Plantains w/ Beans & Cream
Option 2:Small Avocado Salad
Option 3:Side of Plantains w. cream
Option 4:Traditional chicken tamale
Option 5:Steamed corn tamale

Option 6:
Plantain &Cream &Chicken tamale

Option 7: 
Plantain & Cream & Corn Tamale

Option 8:
Plantain & cream & small avocado salad

Salvadorian Option: 

Non Profit                   Pricing
   $ 13                       $15 + tax  

Choose 2 papusas and any 1 side (option 1-5 ONLY) 


Choose 1 papusa and any 1 side
(option 6-8 ONLY)

Additional (1) Papusa  =  $6 
Additional Side dish:    =   $5

Meal option includes: 
Curtido and Salvadorian Salsa 

*Add Water                         $ 2
*Add Cookie or Brownie       $ 2

*Add Dessert (ie:cake, pie)  $ 5

minimum order of 15 or more please


Entree Item(s)-per person
*Chile Relleno(Vegetarian)
*Tamales(Chicken, Pork or Cheese)
*Fajitas(Beef, Chicken, Veggie or Shrimp-add $2 + tax per person)
*Street Soft Tacos(onions+ cilantro+ lime)
*Tacos Dorados

*Mexican Meal Option: 

Choose 1 Entree from above
 rice+beans+chips and salsa
(NOTE: All dishes with Shrimp will be charged an additional $1.99 per person)

minimum order of 15 or more please

VEGAN??? Please request WHOLE pinto beans!!! 

Refried beans are cooked in lard 

Specialty Meals
Super Burrito                       
(Chicken, Beef, Pork, or Vegetarian)  

 Torta Sandwich                   

~ALL Specialty Meals includes tortilla chips, and salsa

*Add Water                           $ 2
*Add Cookie or Brownie         $ 2

*Add Dessert (ie:cake, pie)    $ 5


 Prices are subject to change without notice
All  HOT food, server served, and carbonated drinks are subject to SALES TAX 

* Non Profit entities/organizations, must provide 501C3 proof and sales tax exemption to qualify  

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