Want to know more about Company Cater??? The following might help!!!

What makes Company Cater, 'Catering Simplified '???

~ Thats easy!!! We take the guess work out. PLUS we DO NOT charge for delivery, service fee, any kind of mandatory 10%, 16%, or even 18% gratuity, there are NO monthly membership fees, or any other crazy fees that you might find at other logistic food service.The price you see is the price you pay, of course please calculate sales tax when applicable!!! 

Like we said before NO FEES OF ANY KIND!!! N-O-N-E!!! ZIPPO!!! A BIG FAT ZERO!!!

~ NOT NECESSARY!!! Company Cater compensates their drivers well, so gratuity is not necessary, but our drivers won't say no to free tip money!!! ALSO YES tips are NOT pooled and got directly to the employee. 

Can we set up a corporate account with Company Cater? If so are there a lot of forms?
~ Companies can easily set up a corporate account with Company Cater without any hassle. In fact all we need is your Company Name(DBA), Phone number, person of contact, and if you like we can schedule a sit down meeting to understand your catering needs. If your company utilizes an invoicing system WE need to know what you need in regards to documentations,tax forms, and your company assigned Vendor ID to Company Cater!!! Trust me its a lot simpler then it sounds. 

Why can't I see the restaurant and order from their direct menu?
~ Because we are constantly changing our menu it gets hard to keep up with prices from EVERY restaurant and adding new menus each time. Even then,they too change prices often. We believe consistency should be part of the ordering experience and we always disclose as to where your food will come. If you have a specific restaurant your would like, all you have to do is ask!!! We will get in touch with the restaurant and find out if they would like to work with Company Cater to serve you. 

How are you any different then other food delivery service?
Like our competition WE ALL want to simplify administrative workload! The concept comes from wanting to develop better expense control and increase administrative time management associated to research, ordering, billing, and reimbursement processes. Also it helps when we directly have experience in the food and beverage industry! Another step up is that we provide a simple pricing program, and disclose our restaurant name prior to ordering, so you know where you are getting your food from. Other places order items directly (referral and ordering sites) from the restaurant's menu and increase the price by a few dollars AND THEY CHARGE YOU FEES!!! (ie: delivery fee, processing fee, service costs, mandatory gratuity). 

HISTORY~If you are curious about corporate set-up, we are a bit old fashion working for each dollar that we earn. In 2010, when we started this business we began by using just a little under $1,000(all that was left in my back account) and a Christmas party to kick start Company Cater. Although we are not a large company, the benefit is CONTROL with no ventures or investors. Other companies that make it "BIG" usually start off with a concept pitched to investors and obtain a capital to work from and heavily invest in advertising. The difference??? that remains in the eye of the beholder, but either way works!!! 

One more thing, we manage our own team of drivers and DO NOT make it the responsibility of the restaurant/vendor to perform the delivery. This cuts down on delivery mistakes and communication errors. Our restaurants/vendors just focuses on ONE thing and ONE thing ONLY, MAKING GREAT FOOD!!!

FOR BUSINESSES- What also makes us different then our competition is that we PAY you immediately!!! Of course we will ask for a discount, but who doesn't. The turnaround of sales and resale allows Company Cater to build a more trustworthy relationship with its vendors without waiting for a 30-45 day turnaround on Account Payable departments. Consider us as your unofficial delivery and invoicing team!!!

Does Company Cater offer Vegetarian options?

~ DEFINITELY!!! In fact we understand that there are usually vegetarians within the group. We DO NOT CHARGE EXTRA to accommodate, please notify us as to how many guests will be dining vegetarian. OH, YOU MEAN VEGAN!!! We do that too!!! 

GLUTEN FREE??? Many items are gluten free, but some items (like pizza) may inncur an additional charge for gluten free crust.

How do businesses/vendors benefits?
~ We have preset and contracted accounts that we purchase on a frequent basis. As a vendor we provide immediate payment and volume food purchase (by the tray) = more business(are you really going to say no to MONEY???). We always pick up early as to insure we DO NOT interrupt the vendor's lunch rush. In addition, having a delivery team can become costly and aggravating, some restaurants are making Company Cater as their official catering department for their restaurant!!! OH ONE MORE THING RESTAURANT OWNERS...we are not going to charge a convenience fee or demand excessive discounts. We are both here to make PROFIT, its business!

How long have you been in business?
~ I personally have worked in the food industry for over ten years, but under Company Cater it has happily served companies, organizations, and our community since December 2010 !!!

What if I don't see something on the menu I really want?
No problem, give us a call and request your favorite dish we can arrange what you want at the price you are looking for.

How does Company Cater profit???
~  We work competitively in the community pitting the best and the tastiest  then compare prices sold to Company Cater. The East Bay alone contains hundreds of sandwich shops, Mediterranean, Korean, Thai, Indian, and Chinese Cuisine!!! Its not hard to find something comparable or even better for reasonable prices. We take our knowledge of the food industry to turn a profit with very little to NO overhead. Although, the concept sounds simple you have to join Company Cater for me to disclose the secret of our ways!

Do you do anything else other then corporate luncheons? 
~  Simple answer YES!!! Although we specialize in Corporate luncheons for companies and non-profit, we occasionally will cater a birthday, graduation, and or wedding. Its not often, but we can definitely assist. 

If you have other questions, please feel free to contact us: info@companycater.com 


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