Which position are you applying for?

Company Cater strictly adheres to all standards and requirements set forth by the EEOC and the Civil Rights Act . Discrimnation will NOT BE TOLERATED!!! All Applicants must be of legal age and eligible to work in the United States. Please note positions in Logistics team (delivery drivers) must have reliable transportation and means of mobile communication available.IMPORTANT: To be considered for employment YOU MUST send a copy of your resume (word format) and cover letter to Employment@companycater.com . Submission of your resume is not a guarantee of employment. Failure to submit a copy of resume via e-mail to the address list will be immediately passed over. Detail is key in this job!!!


There ONLY 2 kinds of employment offered at Company Cater


DRIVERS!!!: WE NEED DRIVERS!!! YOU MUST be reliable, have your own vehicle or mode of transportation (sorry mass transit does not count), must be able to lift a minimum of 50lbs, current valid drivers license, vehicle liability insurance, great customer service, attentive to details, and flexible schedule. This is an on-call position, PERFECT for college students who want to earn some "spending" cash. Keep in mind, those who prove themselves to be great team members will be called on more often and have their choice in routes

SALES!!!: We are growing and are in need of a great sales team! This is a commission based position with RESIDUAL commission!!! Work as much or as little as you like...however please note there is a NO CONFLICT OF INTEREST clause to this position. Did I mention you have the ability to work from home? 

 IMPORTANT: TO be considered for employment, YOU MUST perform 2 actions:
1) Fill out the online application
2) E-mail your resume to employment@companycater.com.

If you fail to perform either actions, you application will be passed over. (Yes its a test to see whether you have the ability to follow simple directions
FYI: Last time we advertised for Drivers...we received over 75 applicants...only 1 followed the directions.  



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