About Company Cater:

For the past ten years we have driven over 200,000 miles and delivered as many meals as we have driven in miles. For a small family business that is saying something!!! Since 2010 my family has been providing a few necessary things for organizations across the San Francisco Bay Area:

1) Simple Pricing : No delivery fees, No Service Fees, No mandatory gratuities, No membership cost, or additional costs, coupons or gimmicks 

2) One stop solution: We handle the order, food delivery, and billing...no need to talk to a dozen vendors or shop around for the best deal (I know we are NOT the cheapest, but our prices are competitive) This will save you Time and Money!!!! 

3) Personal Service: Like I said its a family business, we pay attention to details like allergies, healthy eating policies, green measures by reducing plastics<<<we do our best to reduce.

For our restaurants providers 

1) We allow our restaurants to dictate discounts...its no secret, when we make money and they make money. EVERYONE IS HAPPY!!!!

2) We provide: delivery, managing customer(s)that even includes complaints, and payment.(this is arranged personally whether monthly or per transaction) ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS COOK, PACKAGE, and BE ON TIME!!! 

3) No cost marketing...Its a fact that our customers love our vendor's food. We hold no bars in passing your company's name out. WE want their families to go YOUR restaurant and eat and enjoy...Don't believe me??? Ask Nico and Juan at Cafe Platano 

Give us a call for your next event!!! 

All kitchen facilities at each location are in compliance with state, city and county Health Code regulations and verified by the staff of Company Cater.


 News ABOUT Company Cater:

After 10 years Company Cater is delivering great food to great companies all over the bay area. Competition is incredibly high, but we have held on through thick and thin. This year alone a few delivery companies have came and gone, but we are still out there pushing.

  795 Folsom Street, First Floor, San Francisco, California 94107     info@companycater.com

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